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We are excited to announce Akzentz Education Week. Our educators will be flying in from all over the world to host four days of education. On Sunday, September 25th, ACE Educator Robyn Schwartz, from British Columbia, Canada, will be teaching “Sculpturing and Shaping”. On Monday September 26th, Saori Tanabe, from Japan, will be holding a “Professional Nail Art Seminar”, which has been fully booked! On Tuesday September 27th,ICE Educator Gina Silvestro, from Rhode Island, and ACE Educator Yuriko Hoshina, from California, will be teaching a “Russian Inspired, Luxio Kombi Manicure” class. On Wednesday, September 28th, ACE Educator Elizabeth Morris, from Arizona, will be teaching “Mastering Your Nail Care Business”. Seats are limited and filling up fast so be sure to register quickly! Call 604-278-5851 or email contact.info@akzentz.com for registration.

See you all in Vancouver!!!

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