Hybrid-Pro LED Full Hand Lamp

Article number: LED-LAMP-10
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The LED bulbs in this lamp have two chips. One that cures the UV Gels and one that cures the LED Gels. This lamp features a magnet tray with a guide for finger placement for optimal cure.
| Dawn G. 21-03-2018 17:21

So far so good
I’ve only used it for a week but so far I’m very pleased with it

| Miyuki K. 12-12-2017 18:28

The shape of the lamp is very simple and there are no irregularities on the surface. For this reason, you are able to keep the lamp clean without having to worry about cleaning out any gel that may have gotten in between grooves. The upper surface is flat and so I'm able to place my hand or the other person's hand on top of the surface and keep it steady while I work. The digital display is convenient for temporary curing. That is to say, it is convenient for when it takes about 5 seconds to harden. During a pedicure, remove the tray on the bottom to use. It is a magnetic type and easy to remove. It's also good that the cord is long. It allows you to work anywhere. One point of concern is that the AC adapter is big, perhaps because of the strong output. However, this product is well suited for hard gel since it has the power that supports both LED and UV type gel. I recommend this lamp because it can be used in various situations.

| Kaori A 15-02-2017 19:39

First of all I love the design, very contemporary with sleek design. The glossy exterior makes it easy to wipe off any gel that accidentally gets on it. The count down timer is big enough for easy reading. The finger guide is spot on and makes it efficient to cure your gel products. Also the interior mirror siding makes the light hit every angle of your nail. I do thin line art and it cures well. The bottom tray comes off so you could easily cure your toe nail as well. Overall I'm loving this lamp!

4.65 stars based on 3 reviews