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Article number: NOT-10
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AKZENTZ SHINE-ON UV/LED - No Wipe Top Gloss Tack free, (non-wipe) shatterproof top gloss with superior shine and mirror-like finish. Shine-On can be applied over any Akzentz gel for a flawless finish. It is easy to apply and easy to soak off. Like all our gels, Shine-on is 100% pure gel, solvent free, and made from top quality European and North American ingredients.

 • Can be applied over any cured gel as a final top coat
 • Adds amazing shine without yellowing over time
 • Works with any gel or acrylic
 • LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. cure
 • Professional Product - not retail
 • Easy to apply "polish" format
 • 100% Pure Gel, no solvents
 • Reliable Akzentz quality, Made in Canada.

Price will be increased to $19.95 from 01/01/18 so stack up yours now!

| MARGARET CHAN 22-08-2017 20:05

I love this product for the perfect shine . Great for chrome or a under coat for nail art . Would definitely recommend for others.

| Lisa B. 07-08-2017 20:44

It's the best!

| Lorraine P. 07-08-2017 20:43

Best topcoat I've tried!

| Lisa Bennett 13-06-2017 17:43

I absolutely REQUIRE this product to function! Love!!!

| G.Outlaw 30-05-2017 15:32

Absolutely my favorite topcoat!!! Love how shiny it is and it's a fast cure with no sticky residue so it. speeds up the service time.

| Kaori A 15-02-2017 21:54

My favorite top coat. No-wipe makes it easy, and it gives an extra shine. If you do ever happen to have problem with the shine, put in an extra 30 seconds under the lamp =)

| Debbie 25-01-2017 05:27

This is the best top coat I have ever used. Goes on smooth and the shine last and last. The no wipe is a plus too.

| Aileen Hokama 07-01-2017 22:44

Super shiny top coat, plus no-wipe at the end. It is so beautiful, and perfect for applying chrome powder. My go-to top coat for extra glossy shine.

5 stars based on 8 reviews