ARTGENiC Original Organic SpaFizz 368g

Article number: FZ02
No Artificial Dyes or Preservatives Used! This groundbreaking anti-fungal formulation leaves calloused skin exfoliated, soft & manageable during manicure & pedicures. Unrefined Organic Roman Chamomile, Australian Tea Tree Oil & South American Organic Palo Santo Oil provide natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & disinfetant properties so NO ARTIFICIAL DETERGENTS are required. Natural emollients are unrefined Shea Butter and Soybean Oil which provide powerful moisture. Amazing natural oils of Red Current and Citrus Notes provide a skin safe fragrance. Just add a scoop or two of powder into water filled bowls or tubs. Formulated to soften harsh water by naturally dechlorinating water which will soften skin and cuticles. Non-messy clean up. Leave the skin silky soft. -cuticle softner -skin moisturizer -dechlorinates water -safe for sensitive skin -paraben free -vitamin C & E -active natural and organic ingredients -auromatherapy re current oil
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