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Crystal Creations for Nails
by Crystal Culture

Article number: GES-CC-BIL

This class is intended to teach nail artists how to properly apply Swarovski® Crystals using advanced application techniques for natural nails, gel manicures, and acrylic or gel enhancements.   

GELLIPOP offers this class any day you like in two weeks advance notice so we can order your kit....

We teach many different methods of crystal design:

placement & design

pricing & scheduling

marketing & retail tips


removing crystals without damage

As with any service, each client has different nail characteristics & different lifestyles. No two situations are exactly the same.

We teach Nail techs how to consult with the client and choose the best application method for a lasting design. 

Our courses are designed to bring Nail Techs together to learn, teach and share beyond company lines, regardless of what product brand they choose to use. Each of our talented Educators brings their own expertise/specialty to the table, resulting in a non-product-specific nail "technique" course incorporating Swarovski Crystal design, that is supported and recognized by Swarovski.

Class Kit
*Currently Student kits include :

1 Student Class Outline

1 Bling It On Class Certificate

1 Step & Repeat Background 

1 Crystal Culture work mat

1 Crystal Katana

1 Crystal sample pack for practice

1 Triangle crystal sorting tray

1 Sample tips with practice hook & putty

1 Student Starter Kit (6designs) with mini Salon Menu

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