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Presto Color Gel Premium Set [Polish] - All 148 Standard Colors + All 192 SC-Series Colors

$5,083.00 $4,063.00
Article number: 800604
Nail Labo has the best wholesale gel nail polish colors available online. Gel nail polish revolutionized the nail industry and Presto uses the latest technology to create a high quality polish. The 1/2 oz. bottles are convenient and odor free. The product applies very easily and evenly with deep color pigments. These colors never separate making mixing and stirring unnecessary. Each of the gels can be cured with an LED light for 20 seconds, or a UV light for 120 seconds, allowing for shorter service times and heavier booking. Even with such a natural look, these gel polishes are long lasting and remain shiny in between treatments. Presto is known for its wholesale color nail polish’s brilliant colors and ease of use, creating satisfied customers who will return again and again.
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