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An award winning Akzentz ACE Gold Educator, Swarovski®︎ Authorized Nail Art Educator and an AKZENTZ distributor, as well as the owner of Gellipop, I have over decades of experience in nail art and distribution catering to the American and Japanese demographics due to my bilingual people skills. This passion was something that grew out of my pursuit of Rosemaling art and decorative painting. Gellipop is a studio I've opened up where you can learn some of my favorite craft, as well as purchase hard to find materials including imported items from Japan. I strive to spread my passion, and am willing to educate anyone from a beginner to experts who need brushing up; all with a smile on my face! Catch me at a your next nail art convention!  



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01/13/19 Hard Gel Certification Class @ GELLIPOP®
01/20/19 LUXIO Certification Class @ GELLIPOP®
1/27/19 Swarovski Nail Artist Workshop @ GELLIPOP®
1/28/19 Hard Gel Certification Class @ GELLIPOP®