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tati artchocolat bebe + ciel
Upgrade Set

$49.98 $44.99
Article number: tati0002
Many of you have purchased the full tati artchocolat brush set, and with 2 new sister brushes being introduced, this bundle set is intended for those who want to add both of them to their collection. SAVE 10% ordering these 2 new brushes as a set. Designed & handcrafted in Japan. tati artchocolat Ciel (Liner) tati artchocolat Bebe (Round) The Ciel brush is the sister brush of Chou Chou but comes slightly thicker. A brush that can create slightly thicker thin lines, as well with added pressure, can create an even more thicker line. The Bebe brush is a smaller round brush - the sister to the Rose brush. The soft Bebe brush is a more narrow and smaller brush allowing for easier coverage on small nails or corners of the nail. Great for applying thin layers of color, creating round shapes like small and detailed flowers All brushes come with their caps.
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